I love technology, humanity, and books. That said, I have shaped my career, over the years, to stay as close to those three things as possible. As an engineer with a business education, the intersection of technology and business value is my sweet spot of performance. I have spent ~15 years in the consulting industry across Asia, Europe, UK, and USA with projects all around the world and across almost every industry.

My unique value prop? – I am an experienced data and tech marketer who can speak the language of creative agencies and design digital operating models to manage change. I have found this to be a very unique assembly of experiences and skills and I believe that it is this breadth as a marketer and depth as a technologist that makes me love my work and solve problems for my clients.

I am a part of Deloitte Digital’s core team of experts in the MarTech and AdTech space. I lead delivery as well as sales of projects that solve client’s challenges in data and performance marketing in the digital world. With platform alliances such as Salesforce, Adobe, Google , the consulting world has opportunities to bring quick and tangible solutions to clients like never before. On the flip side, the MarTech/AdTech space is a busy one, with new technologies, consolidations, obsoletions, and last but not the least regulations. I enjoy that as a digital marketer I have to stay sharp on a daily basis to bring the best advice and expertise to my clients most pressing challenges! Hence, I read quite a lot about digital marketing and developments in the data and analytics space.

Before I joined Deloitte Digital, my primary employers were IBM and Merkle. I joined IBM straight out of business school and worked as a senior consultant.I led and managed projects and modules that essentially were digital transformation projects for F100 companies often involving operating model designs and large scale implementations. IBM was almost an institution where I made the most of the opportunity to learn from the very best in the industry on existing standards such as six-sigma, waterfall project management, traditional SDLC and such. I made a leap to Merkle to evolve into an agile-driven, design thinker and an all-around digital marketer. At Merkle, at the time independently owned, I worked with a hungry bunch of rising stars in the digital marketing word to accelerate my career in performance marketing. At Merkle I led digital marketing transformation projects across the globe, pushing the value of customer known and anonymous data to be the strategic differentiator for clients. As destiny would have it, I got an opportunity to dabble with creative agencies (Wunderman, RAPP, Ogilvy) and learnt to appreciate the language that brand marketers speak to deliver brand specific experiences.

Prior to being steeped in the digital marketing world, I was a solutions analyst. After graduating from engineering school, I worked on a large data migration project (JP Morgan acquisition of Bank One) where I worked under the best database solution architects to acquire chops in data management and the nitty gritties of cross-platform data migration and integration. I moved on to niche things like developing fraud analytics algorithm for anti money-laundering operations in UK, loyalty program development and implementation, and credit card recommendation logic and implementation in Amsterdam among several other projects that are close to my heart.

I am constantly working on new projects and acquiring new skills (related or unrelated to work). As a EE engineer, AI/ML are in my wheelhouse and as a CS student (high school and electives) I love learning new languages. I have recently completed a Data Science certification and taught myself Python. My latest resume is availabe on request : nidhiraj@gmail.com | https://www.linkedin.com/in/nidhiraj

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